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Our Markham, ON Kickboxing and MMA gym is designed with the individual in mind. Whether you’re an aspiring combat athlete or a mom looking to get back in shape, we have a number of different programs available to help you reach your goals. Martial arts is made possible for everyone, regardless of age, sex, of gender and it’s sole purpose is continual improvement. We are committed to help you reach your goals here at Markham, ON Kickboxing MMA

Kids Kickboxing

Help your child develop confidence, discipline and focus through the practice of martial arts. Our kids program will help you develop your child’s self esteem while having fun

Sport Kickboxing

Learn the skills necessary to compete at the highest levels with our sport kickboxing program. Discover what it takes to be a champion kickboxer

Fitness Kickboxing

Discover the workout that’s helping women and men just like you, tone their bodies, burn fat and kick butt at the same time with our fitness kickboxing sessions.

Fitness & Fat Loss Boot camps

Find out how you can finally lose that 12-18 lbs. with Markham’s one of a kind Kickboxing boot camp.

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