Win UFC 152 Toronto Tickets

My predictions for Jones vs. Henderson was made, and the event was cancelled.

The same day the post went up, UFC 152 in Toronto just got better. Now the event is headlined by Jon “Bones” Jones defending his title against Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. Now you’ve got a chance to win tickets to this event!

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Who Are Behind Markham Kickboxing MMA?

I’m proud to announce that Team Undisputed, Canada’s #1 Kickboxing and MMA team will be opening the new Markham Kickboxing MMA. Check out the vid below:



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UFC 151 – Jones vs. Henderson MMA Predictions

Age, skill, finesse, and size are all possible things that make Jon Jones the favorite in this MMA fight. He is the champ and not only has he won all his previous fights, he’s done it in dominating fashion.


I would give this fight to Jones 99%, because of his momentum and shear domination of the UFC Heavyweight division thus far.


But they don’t call Dan Henderson “Dangerous” for no reason.


That 1% chance he has is his huge right hand that’s landed so flushly against many of his opponents. Many would argue Dan is in his MMA prime, and his skills are really coming together.


The thing is, that’s all Dan has going for himself. And with only one thing, I’m sure Jones knows how to plan for it. He’s got a hell of a coaching staff behind him with a master  tactician in Greg Jackson. If they’re smart, which they are, chances are Dan will never connect it.


So, I call this fight going the distance with the unanimous decision going to Jon “Bones” Jones. I’m sure you’ll hear Joe Rogan say he’s the most dominating fighter the division has ever seen. But I’d love to see Jones get knocked out for some reason.



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Subscribe to Markham Kickboxing MMA on Youtube

Subscribe to Markham Kickboxing MMA on Youtube here:


We’ll be creating new video footage soon!

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Markham Kickboxing MMA is on Twitter

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Facebook Fan Page for Markham Kickboxing MMA is created

Check out our Facebook Fan page for Markham Kickboxing MMA here:

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Domain created for Markham Kickboxing MMA

We’ve just launched our domain for Markham Kickboxing MMA.


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